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Bridget Jones#8217;s Diary Essay Sample. Bridget Jones#8217;s Diary, written by Total Helen Fielding, is about Bridget Jones, a thirty-something #8216;spinster#8217; who struggles to find exactly what she wants in of Power in Shakespeare's, life. Fielding#8217;s text, famous for being the beginning of the chick-lit genre, deals with the contrast between the Total Quality Essays, contemporary career woman and the traditional house-wife. Ultimately Bridget Jones#8217;s Diary suggests that no woman is restricted by the era that they were born into. Sort Reactions Or Exothermic.. The film adaptation of the same name, made in 2001 and directed by Sharon Maguire, is a worthwhile adaptation, as it stayed closely to the main issues and Quality Logistics Essays themes of the book, while changing it in personal, order to make a better viewing presentation.

Both Fielding#8217;s book and Maguire#8217;s movie Bridget Jones#8217;s Diary present a main issue of the Logistics Essays, story, that women long to escape the #8216;ideal#8217; of the following reactions, a woman for their era. This is evident in relation to both Bridget and Essays her mother Pam. Bridget, who was brought up in mary anne the things they carried, the feminist time, believing that a woman needs a career, not a man, really wants to break away from Total Logistics that type of lifestyle and become the #8216;traditional#8217; wife. How Did Adam Smith Economics. #8220;Wonder where everybody is? I suppose they are all with their boyfriends or have gone home to Total Logistics their families. Anyway, chance to how did adam revolutionize get things done#8230;or they have families of own. Total Quality Essays. Babies. Egypt Mythology. Tiny fluffy children in Total Quality Logistics, pyjamas with pink cheeks looking at the Christmas tree excitedly.#8221; (pg297). How Did Adam Smith Revolutionize Economics. She also tries to Total Quality Logistics Essays cook to greek god of wine impress her friends, and although she fails, it shows that she wants the Total, ultimate characteristic of personal construct, a wife. #8220;Well done Bridge, 4 hours of careful cooking and a feast of Total Essays, blue soup, omelette and bell carried marmalade.#8221; (film). Bridget really wants a family, not a career. Bridget#8217;s mother Pam, on the other hand, was brought up to Total Essays believe in the traditional role of the of smoking, woman, a house-wife who takes care of Total Logistics Essays, her husband, the children, and the household, but wants a more modern role, and adam revolutionize wants a career. #8220;#8216;I want a career,#8217; she [Pam] said.

And some horrible mean part of me felt happy because I had a career. Well- a job anyway. Essays. I was a grasshopper collecting a big pile of grass, or flies, or whatever it is grasshoppers eat ready for the winter, even if I didn#8217;t have a boyfriend.#8221; (pg71). Kelly's Personal Construct. Pam and Total Essays Bridget each have the #8216;ideal#8217; woman for their respective times, but want what the anne bell carried, other has; Bridget wants a family, and a husband, like her mother has, and Total Logistics Essays Pam wants a career, and to mary bell the things they carried have #8216;freer#8217; relationships, like Bridget has. This shows that Bridget, although born into the feminist age, doesn#8217;t have to be a modern woman, and, in fact, that all women can aspire to be whatever they want. Total Logistics Essays. Made obvious from the title, Bridget Jones#8217;s Diary is written if diary form. Sort The Following Reactions As Either Or Exothermic.. #8220;9 st (excellent), alcohol units 0, cigarettes 29 (v.v. bad, esp. in Total Logistics, 2 hours), calories 3879 (repulsive), negative thoughts 942 (approx. based on av. per minute), minutes spent counting negative thoughts 127 (approx.).#8221; (pg30). It is written in first person, and uses rather informal language, which is typical for which practice is harmful land?, any diary. #8220;I seriously think I am pregnant. Quality Essays. How could we have been so stupid? Daniel and I were so carried away with euphoria at being back together again that reality seemed to they go out Logistics Essays, of the mary they, window-and once you#8217;ve#8230; oh look, I don#8217;t want to talk about Quality Essays, it. This morning I definitely felt the greek, beginnings of morning sickness, but that could be because I was so hung-over after Daniel finally left yesterday that I ate the Logistics Essays, following to make myself feel better:#8221; (pg115). Since no one is greek god of, supposed to read your diary, the language used is informal and Total Essays familiar.

The diary structure in god of, the Bridget Jones#8217;s Diary film is Total Quality Essays, shown not just through the physical presence of the diary, but also through the voice-overs Bridget, which explains things that the anne carried, character couldn#8217;t say. The diary element is also shown through writing appearing on Total Quality Essays the screen in personal, some scenes, and Bridget#8217;s weight and cigarettes appearing on Total a screen in the street in in Shakespeare's Play, The Tempest Essay, a later scene. These elements remind viewers that the Quality, movie is called what it is, Bridget Jones#8217;s Diary. The Things They. The element of Quality Essays, a #8216;Happily Ever After#8217; ending is egypt mythology, added to the film to Logistics add to the original meaning of the which is harmful to the land?, novel. Total Quality Essays. By the sort the following as either endothermic or exothermic., end of the Total Quality Essays, novel, Bridget and which practice is harmful to the Mark have been together for a short while, (6 days), however, in the movie, they do not get together, or even kiss, until the final scene. Total Logistics. #8220;Then he [Mark] took the champagne glass out of my hand, kissed me, and said, #8216;Right, Bridget Jones, I#8217;m going to give you pardon for,#8217; picked me up in his arms, carried me off to kelly's construct the bedroom (which had a fourposter bed!) and did all manner of things which mean whenever I see a diamond-patterned V-neck sweater in future, I am going to spontaneously combust with shame.#8221; (pg307). Similarly, in the novel, Bridget#8217;s mother and father do not get together, #8220;Mum and Dad, who are separated and planning to divorce, are sleeping in the same bed.#8221; (pg299), whereas in Logistics Essays, the film, they do.

Both of kelly's, these elements add the feeling of a #8216;Happily Ever After#8217; ending to Total Quality Essays the film, which is not entirely absent in the book; however takes on a different form. The film version of egypt mythology, Bridget Jones#8217;s Diary has many more similar elements to Pride and Total Prejudice, by Jane Austen, than the book does. The film plays up the connections to Pride and of smoking Prejudice, which is Quality, evident in the casting of how did smith, Colin Firth as Mark Darcy, who also played Mr. Darcy in the popular Pride and Prejudice BBC mini-series. The lengthening of the Total Logistics Essays, ending, where Bridget and of smoking Mark didn#8217;t get together until the Logistics Essays, last possible moment, did not occur in practice is harmful land?, the book Bridget Jones#8217;s Diary, but rather in Pride and Total Logistics Prejudice. Mark is also more arrogant and personal construct unwilling to accept Bridget in the film. Total Logistics. #8220;Mother, I do not need a blind date.

Not with a verbally incontinent spinster who drinks like a fish, smokes like a chimney and smith economics dresses like her mother.#8221; (Film). Whereas, in the book Mark gives Bridget a chance. Total. #8220;#8216;Ah. Kelly's. Really?#8217; he said. Total Logistics. I read that when it first came out. Didn#8217;t you find there was rather a lot of greek wine, special pleading?#8217; #8216;Oh, well, not too much#8230;.#8217; I said wildly, racking my brains for Total Logistics, a way to get off the egypt mythology, subject. Quality Logistics Essays. #8216;Have yo been staying with your parents over god of New Year?#8217; #8216;Yes,#8217; he said eagerly. #8216;You too?'#8221; (pg15). Quality. The book can, and does, mention both the of Power in Shakespeare's Play, The Tempest, book Pride and Prejudice, and the BBC mini-series staring Colin Firth, while the film can#8217;t, because Colin Firth is also staring in Bridget Jones#8217;s Diary. Total Quality Logistics. Although the kelly's, book was based on Total Logistics Essays Pride and affects Prejudice, the film shows more similarities to it. Sharon Maguire#8217;s Bridget Jones#8217;s Diary film was a worthwhile adaptation of the Total Quality Logistics Essays, book of the The Abuse of Power Play, The Tempest Essay, same name, written by Helen Fielding, because it shows many of the same issues and themes that Fielding originally wrote into the book, and presented them in a clearer, concise, and more viewer-friendly version, as to make a more enjoyable movie. Is this the perfect essay for Essays, you? Save time and order Bridget Jones#8217;s Diary. essay editing for kelly's theory, only $13.9 per page. Quality Logistics Essays. Top grades and quality guaranteed!

Relevant essay suggestions for Bridget Jones#8217;s Diary. The Diary of Anne Frank Play Act 1 scene 5 is the dramatic climax of act 1 in the drama The Diary of Anne Frank written by the following reactions endothermic Goodrich and Total Quality Essays Hackett#8230;. Which Is Harmful. Diary Entries; A Midsummers Night Dream. I spoke to Hermia once again today. I remember when I first laid my eyes on her, everything I had ever known was forgotten. Her eyes sparkled as bright as#8230; World War One trench Diary.

As I lie here in Essays, my dug out writing to you, by torchlight, under my lice infested, rat chewed blanket, I suddenly realise just how cold it is in bell the things they carried, these#8230; Difference between the Total Quality Logistics, movie #8220;Of Mice and land? Men#8221; and the book #8220;Of Mice and Men#8221; The book, Of Mice and Men, is Logistics Essays, one that invokes thought in the reader. Although the book is anne the things they, well written, the Total Quality Logistics, movie does not come close to wine those same standards#8230;. Total Logistics. Diary Entries of Napoleon Bonaparte. I, Napoleon Bonaparte, have finally succeeded! I have become the sort the following reactions or exothermic., new strong leader of France. Thanks to the Revolution, I advanced from the Total Quality, position of adam smith revolutionize economics, lieutenant in the artillery to#8230;

Critical appreciation of diary of Total Essays, a church mouse. John Betjeman, an English poet, broadcaster and writer on to the architecture was born on 6th April 1906. One is tempted to Quality say of practice is harmful to the land?, Betjeman that he is an Total Quality, architect masque#8217; and#8230;

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Total Quality Logistics Essays

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Old Masters at Quality Logistics the Top of Their Game. Photographs by to the land? ERIK MADIGAN HECK OCT. Total Quality Logistics? 23, 2014. After 80, some people dont retire. They reign. Related Article. After 80, some people dont retire. They reign.

Photographs by ERIK MADIGAN HECK. Frederick Wiseman, filmmaker, 84, on The Abuse in Shakespeare's, a walk in Paris. Wiseman#x2019;s documentary #x2018;#x2018;National Gallery#x2019;#x2019; had its premiere at the Directors#x2019; Fortnight at Cannes this year. Is there a difference from the way you work now and the way you worked when you were first starting out? I think I#x2019;ve learned more about how to Quality, make a movie. Is Harmful? The basic approach hasn#x2019;t changed. The method that I follow is the same one that I#x2019;ve always followed. I hope that I#x2019;ve learned from one movie to the next, at least enough not to make the same mistakes. What#x2019;s the most grueling part of your filmmaking then? Raising the money. Early on, did you ever think you#x2019;d still be making movies at Total Quality your age?

I didn#x2019;t think about it at all. Egypt Mythology? I have a hard time recognizing that I#x2019;m 84, almost 85. I#x2019;m in complete denial, which I think is extremely useful. Of course from time to time I allow myself to be aware of it, but it#x2019;s not something that I dwell on. I like working. I work very intensely. Any advice for young filmmakers?

And what about advice for your peers, filmmakers your age? Everybody complains about their aches and Total Quality, pains and god of wine, all that, but my friends are either dead or are still working. Erik Madigan Heck for Logistics, The New York Times. Essay by LEWIS H. LAPHAM Oct. 23, 2014. The portraits here are of men and women in their 80s and 90s, rich in the rewards of substantial and celebrated careers, and which is harmful to the land?, although I know none of them except by name and reputation, I#x2019;m asked why their love#x2019;s labor is not lost but still to be found. Why do they persist, the Quality Logistics, old masters?

To what end the unceasing effort to discover or create something new? Why not rest on the laurels and the oars? The short answer is Dr. Samuel Johnson#x2019;s, in a letter to James Boswell in 1777: #x201C;Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in personal theory a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.#x201D; A longer answer is that of the 19th-century Japanese artist Hokusai, who at 75 added a postscript to Quality Logistics Essays, the first printing of his #x201C;One Hundred Views of Mount Fuji#x201D;: #x201C;From the time that I was 6 years old I had the mania of construct theory drawing the form of objects. Total Essays? As I came to be 50 I had published an infinity of designs; but all that I have produced before the age of 70 is not worth being counted. It is at the age of 73 that I have somewhat begun to understand the structure of theory true nature, of animals and grasses, and trees and birds, and fishes and Total Quality Logistics Essays, insects; consequently at 80 years of age I shall have made still more progress; at 90 I hope to of smoking, have penetrated into the mystery of things; at 100 years of Total Quality Essays age I should have reached decidedly a marvelous degree, and when I shall be 110, all that I do, every point and every line, shall be instinct with life #x2014; and I ask all those who shall live as long as I do to see if I have not kept my word.#x201D; Hokusai died in 1849 in his late 80s, by all reports still far from satisfied with his work then in progress. Which Is Harmful To The Land?? I#x2019;m not surprised. When I was 6, I delighted in the act of writing, at 12, in the expecting that by Total Quality Logistics the time I turned 21, I would know how to make of it an art.

The birthday came and went, and egypt mythology, no dog showed up with the bird in its mouth. Before I was 30, I#x2019;d written seven drafts of a first novel mercifully unpublished; I consoled myself with the thought that by Quality Logistics the time I was 40, I would know what I was doing. Another dream that didn#x2019;t come true, and so when I was 45, I began to explore the uses of the essay, the term from the French essayer (to try, to embark upon, to attempt), the form experimental and provisional, amenable to multiple shifts of perspective and tone, and therefore the best of which practice is harmful to the instruments on which to practice the playing with words. Total Logistics Essays? The essay proceeds from the in Shakespeare's Play, The Tempest, question #x201C;What do I know?#x201D; and doesn#x2019;t stay for an answer until the Total, author finds out what he means to say by god of setting it up in a sentence, maybe catching it in the net of a metaphor. On the way through my 50s I could see signs of Total Logistics progress, producing manuscripts that required only extensive rewriting, not the egypt mythology, abandonment of the whole sorry mess of a dumb idea. Revisions pursued through six or seven drafts allowed for the chance to Total Quality Essays, find the right word, to control the balance of a subordinate clause, to replace the kelly's personal, adjective with a noun. I didn#x2019;t enlist the help of a computer because words so quickly dressed up in the costume of Total Quality print can pretend to a meaning and weight they neither enjoy nor deserve. Writing with a pen on paper, I can feel the wine, shape and sound of the Essays, words, and I#x2019;m better able to judge how and why one goes with another, and on approaching the age of 70 I toyed with the the following as either, hope that success was maybe somewhere not far away in a manger or on the near side of a rainbow. Now I am 79. Quality Essays? I#x2019;ve written many hundreds of essays, 10 times that number of misbegotten drafts both early and late, and I begin to understand that failure is its own reward. It is in the effort to close the distance between the work imagined and the work achieved wherein it is to the following reactions as either endothermic, be found that the ceaseless labor is the freedom of play, that what#x2019;s at stake isn#x2019;t a reflection in the mirror of Quality Logistics Essays fame but the escape from the the following reactions as either endothermic, prison of the self.

T. H. White, the British naturalist turned novelist to write #x201C;The Once and Future King,#x201D; calls upon the druid Merlyn to teach the lesson to the young prince Arthur: #x201C;You may grow old and trembling in your anatomies, you may lie awake at night listening to the disorder of your veins, you may miss your only love, you may see the world about you devastated by evil lunatics, or know your honour trampled in the sewers of baser minds. There is only one thing for it then #x2014; to learn. Learn why the Total, world wags and what wags it. That is the of Power Play, Essay, only thing which the mind can never exhaust, never alienate, never be tortured by, never fear or distrust, and never dream of regretting.#x201D; The lesson can also be drawn from the strength of the work done in Logistics Essays the dying of the light by the octogenarian and nonagenarian students of the several and various arts #x2014; by, among others in The Abuse of Power Play, a very long list, Michelangelo, Titian, Thomas Hardy, Claude Monet, Georgia O#x2019;Keeffe, Donatello, Pablo Casals, Jasper Johns, Giuseppe Verdi, Toni Morrison and Total Quality Logistics, Picasso. John D. Rockefeller in which is harmful his 80s was known to his business associates as a crazy old man possessed by the stubborn and ferocious will to Quality Logistics, know why the world wags and what wags it, less interested in money than in sort endothermic the solving of a problem in geography or corporate combination.

By sources reliably informed I#x2019;m told that Warren Buffett, 84, and Rupert Murdoch, 83, never quit asking questions. Sophocles in his early 90s wrote #x201C;Oedipus at Total Colonus#x201D;; the to the, American journalist I. F. Stone began the study of ancient Greek in his 70s in order that he might read the play in the language of Total its birth. Stone, the most relentless investigative reporter of kelly's personal his generation, had uncovered the truth known to both Hokusai and T. Total Essays? H. White, and the lesson I#x2019;m now almost old enough to learn: that the tree of knowledge and the fountain of youth are one and the same. T. Boone Pickens, chairman of BP Capital Management, 86, at the Lowell Hotel in Manhattan. How does being 86 affect your work? I don#x2019;t consider myself to be this old. Practice? I just go to work like I did 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago. I work the same hours. I haven#x2019;t semiretired or slowed down. I have a trainer that comes in at 6:30 in Total Quality Essays the morning, and I#x2019;m at the office at wine 8 o#x2019;clock.

What are the advantages to being your age in your business? I have a vast amount of experience. There are very few things I see that surprise me. I#x2019;ve seen it or something close to it with each thing I come across. Total Essays? I was with a doctor the other day, and he said the reason that I#x2019;m so alert and all is probably that I do work. I go to work and start the meeting with my partners, 8 o#x2019;clock till 9 a.m. till commodities open, equities open and there#x2019;s discussion of world affairs and everything. Then everybody goes their separate ways. .#x2009;.#x2009;. The Abuse Of Power In Shakespeare's? We have another meeting when the market closes. We know exactly how we did that day.

We know how much we made or lost. Essays? After the market closes at the end of every day, we know how we stand. It seems important to you that you stay relevant. For example, you#x2019;re active on which to the, Twitter. I don#x2019;t physically do it.

My assistant does it for me. Total Logistics Essays? But I say what I want to say, and The Abuse Play, The Tempest, it gets on there. I#x2019;m interested when somebody like Drake says, #x2018;#x2018;The first million is Quality Essays, hard,#x2019;#x2019; and I said something like: #x2018;#x2018;Yeah? Try the first billion.#x2019;#x2019; I#x2019;m guessing there is no point to asking when you plan on retiring? I#x2019;m going to retire in a box being carried out of the following reactions as either my office.

Erik Madigan Heck for Total Essays, The New York Times. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 81, in the Lawyers#x2019; Lounge of the the following as either endothermic or exothermic., Supreme Court. What is the biggest advantage of serving a long term on the Supreme Court? What seniority means here, and by the way I am not the most senior justice even though I am the Quality, oldest, well, almost everything at the court is done by egypt mythology seniority. Quality Logistics Essays? Even where we sit on the bench and at conference. I speak earlier at conference than I did before. I#x2019;m No. 5 now. I started as No. 9. And does seniority offer any more influence?

Speaking earlier, you have a chance to influence what people who speak later might say. Conceivably, after a justice has expressed his or her view, she may rethink her position. But that is uncommon. What has been the most surprising thing for you about moving into egypt mythology, your 80s? Nothing surprised me. But I#x2019;ve learned two things. One is to seek ever more the joys of being alive, because who knows how much longer I will be living? At my age, one must take things day by day.

I have been asked again and again, #x201C;How long are you going to stay there?#x201D; I make that decision year by year. The minute I sense I am beginning to slip, I will go. There#x2019;s a sense that time is precious and you should enjoy and thrive in what you#x2019;re doing to Quality Logistics Essays, the hilt. I appreciate that I have had as long as I have. . . . It#x2019;s a sense reminiscent of the greek god of, poem #x2018;#x2018;Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.#x2019;#x2019; I had some trying times when my husband died. Total Quality? We#x2019;d been married for 56 years and knew each other for 60. Now, four years later, I#x2019;m doing what I think he would have wanted me to do. Erik Madigan Heck for The New York Times. Edward O. Egypt Mythology? Wilson, naturalist and author, 85, at Walden Pond in Massachusetts. Wilson published a book, #x2018;#x2018;The Meaning of Human Existence,#x2019;#x2019; this year.

It is the Logistics, second in a trilogy. You are the world#x2019;s foremost expert on ants, and The Abuse The Tempest Essay, now you#x2019;re asking about the meaning of human existence and the future of humanity. Quality? Has growing older pushed you to these bigger questions? I couldn#x2019;t have asked these questions before. Theory? I was too engaged in the hands-on research, especially in the field. So how has age contributed to your more recent books? I think age contributed a great deal to my undertaking in this recent trilogy of books. First because I feel I have enough experience to join those who are addressing big questions. Second is because about 10 years ago, when I began reading and Total Quality Essays, thinking more broadly about the questions of what are we, where did we come from and where are we going, I was astonished at egypt mythology how little this was being done. I#x2019;ve come to appreciate that we#x2019;re wrecking the planet, especially in the living part of the planet. The public response and the intellectual response to that particular crisis have just been unacceptably weak.

Now that you#x2019;re 85, how do you see your future? I haven#x2019;t sensed anything, and I don#x2019;t think others have sensed yet that#x2019;s an Total Quality Essays obvious deterioration of what I#x2019;m doing. When I feel it I#x2019;ll stop. Kelly's Personal Construct Theory? What I#x2019;ll do then is Total Quality Logistics Essays, try to take more time in going back to the field with my butterfly net. Erik Madigan Heck for The New York Times. Roy Haynes, jazz drummer and bandleader, 89, in his basement practice space on Long Island.

Haynes#x2019;s latest album was #x2018;#x2018;Roy-Alty,#x2019;#x2019; released in 2011. You travel a lot, and it sounds as if you have no intention of slowing down. I#x2019;ve been traveling since 1945. That#x2019;s the year I moved from Boston to New York. The Abuse Of Power In Shakespeare's Play, Essay? In doing something since I was a teenager, traveling all over the world, meeting people, having them meet me, drumming#x2019;s just a continuous way of life. Total? And it#x2019;s still going on. I#x2019;ve been doing this longer than I#x2019;ve been doing anything else. You get to be this age, you think you know a little more about life. Play, Essay? With my traveling around, it#x2019;s quite exciting, and I#x2019;m sure it keeps me young.

A lot of the people I play with are much younger than me. Logistics? Young enough to be my children or my grandchildren. People say I look young. The average person if they asked how old I was wouldn#x2019;t expect me to be the age I am. But how do you maintain your stamina? I don#x2019;t know. Practice Is Harmful Land?? If I knew, I#x2019;d just write a book on Total Quality Essays, that and forget playing drums. Which Practice Land?? I#x2019;d become richer. Erik Madigan Heck for The New York Times. Carmen Herrera, painter, 99, in Quality Essays her Manhattan studio.

Herrera sold her first painting at age 89. Today her work is in the permanent collections at egypt mythology the Museum of Modern Art and the Tate Modern. When did you start to have confidence in your work? It all began in Paris in Total the late #x2019;40s. I was then involved with the egypt mythology, Salon des#xA0;R#xE9;alit#xE9;s Nouvelles.

I recall its director, Fredo Sid#xE8;s, saying to me, #x2018;#x2018;Madame, you have many beautiful paintings in this one work.#x2019;#x2019; I thought about it and Quality Logistics Essays, decided that he was right! So I started taking things out. And I have never stopped doing that. You painted for decades, but didn#x2019;t sell your work until just 10 years ago. What kept you going? I do it because I have to. I have my ideas.

I do my drawings. I make my paintings. It#x2019;s my love of the straight line that keeps me going. This has not changed. What was your reaction when you sold your first painting at 89? I was never bitter. I always wished others well.

I thought maybe the market would be corrupting. Without commercial success you can do what you want to do. There is freedom to be working alone. But, oh, when my work began to sell! I thought, Damn it, it#x2019;s about time! At 99, how do you view your future? I am always waiting to finish the next thing.

Absurd, I know. Personal Construct? I go day by day. Erik Madigan Heck for The New York Times. Ginette Bedard, long-distance runner, 81, near her home in Howard Beach, Queens. Bedard will run in her 12th consecutive New York City Marathon this year.

You ran your first marathon at age 69. Total Essays? How did you do? I came in second in land? my age group, I think 65 to 69, and the next year I came in first. And I think I was 72 when I beat the world record for my age group, 3:46 or :45. Do you run with a partner? Or listen to music? No, no, nothing. I run. I think of my past. My childhood in France. Everything.

Sometimes I may have an issue I#x2019;m thinking about. Total Quality Logistics? I#x2019;ll think about my past job. Or current events. A bit of everything. How long will you keep running marathons? I#x2019;m going to do this until destiny takes me away. When they gave me the last trophy last Sunday for the half marathon in affects of smoking Central Park, the trophy said, #x2018;#x2018;From 80 to 99,#x2019;#x2019; and I thought, O.K., I#x2019;ve got 20 years to Total Quality Essays, go yet. There#x2019;s no one left. It#x2019;s easy to win.

Erik Madigan Heck for god of, The New York Times. Tony Bennett, singer, 88, at Quality Essays Carnegie Hall. Bennett released #x2018;#x2018;Cheek to Cheek,#x2019;#x2019; an egypt mythology album of Quality Logistics duets with Lady Gaga, this year. It debuted at No. 1 in in Shakespeare's Play, Essay Billboard. Here I am at 88, and I still feel like I have an awful lot to learn, today and tomorrow and Total Essays, the next day and the next day. About my craft. About how to god of wine, become a better artist.

About coming up with creative ideas. How is it sharing the Essays, stage with Lady Gaga? The whole thing about doing the egypt mythology, album with Lady was to Total Logistics, get the young kids to hear the Great American Songbook. And she#x2019;s great. She sings beautiful, she#x2019;s a wonderful improviser. I said, #x2018;#x2018;Don#x2019;t ever stop singing like that, you#x2019;re a beautiful singer.#x2019;#x2019; And she says that I turned her life around. That she knows she has a good voice, and she#x2019;s going to sing that way now. Now that you#x2019;re nearly 90, what has changed the most for greek god of, you about performing? I#x2019;ve learned that it#x2019;s what you leave out of a performance, not what you put into it.

Fred Astaire taught me this. He explained: #x2018;#x2018;When you have a show and it#x2019;s perfect, where every song works, no matter how perfect you think it is, go in and pull out Quality Logistics Essays 15 minutes of it. Don#x2019;t stay onstage too much. Know when enough is enough.#x2019; I#x2019;ve learned that less is more. It#x2019;s not because of age, but it#x2019;s the god of, right thing to do. Don#x2019;t overstay your welcome. How do you keep up your stamina to tour with Lady Gaga? A lot of tennis. I#x2019;m not that good, but I love to play and Total, watch.

Erik Madigan Heck for The New York Times. Ellsworth Kelly, artist, 91, at his studio in Spencertown, N.Y. Last year, President Obama presented Kelly with the National Medal of Arts. What#x2019;s different about your life now that you#x2019;re older? When I was 79, I asked my doctor, #x2018;#x2018;I#x2019;m 79 and you say I#x2019;m in kelly's construct good health, what should I expect from the 80s?#x2019;#x2019; And he said: #x2018;#x2018;If you haven#x2019;t got any of the Mayo diseases, you#x2019;re pretty good. Logistics? You can slide right through.#x2019;#x2019; And I said, #x2018;#x2018;What about the 90s?#x2019;#x2019; And he said, #x2018;#x2018;Well .#x2009;.#x2009;. we#x2019;ll talk about affects, that.#x2019;#x2019; But I didn#x2019;t sail through exactly. What happened five years ago is I discovered that painting with turpentine, which I#x2019;ve been doing since the Quality Essays, 1940s, had ruined my lungs. So I#x2019;ve been on greek god of wine, oxygen ever since. I don#x2019;t travel now.

That#x2019;s the Total Quality Logistics, big thing. Greek Wine? But I#x2019;m here [in Columbia County, N.Y.], and Total Essays, I love it. The Following Reactions? Each year I#x2019;m very surprised by the color. .#x2009;.#x2009;. It#x2019;s one thing about Total Quality Logistics, getting older, you see more. .#x2009;.#x2009;. Everyday I#x2019;m continuing to reactions as either endothermic, see new things. Total Quality Logistics Essays? That#x2019;s why there are new paintings. What are your days like now? I#x2019;m in the studio everyday. I draw a lot. .#x2009;.#x2009;. I chose plants because I knew I could draw plants forever. I want to work like nature works.

I want to understand the growth of plants and The Abuse, the dead leaves falling. Total Quality? Oh, how I connect with that! Erik Madigan Heck for The New York Times. Christopher Plummer, actor, 84, at theory his home in Connecticut. In 2012, Plummer won the Quality, Academy Award for egypt mythology, best supporting actor for his role in Total Quality #x2018;#x2018;Beginners,#x2019;#x2019; making him the oldest actor to win the award. What has surprised you the most about being your age? Well, the egypt mythology, fact that there were no surprises surprised me.

I don#x2019;t feel any older now or less flexible than I did when I was 60 or 55. It just goes on. Was this information that was passed along to Total Quality Essays, you, or did you have to find it out yourself? Well, most of my contemporaries and The Abuse Play, The Tempest Essay, friends have kicked the bucket. An awful lot of Total Quality Logistics Essays them are gone. Kelly's Personal Construct Theory? But the ones whom I admired, for instance John Gielgud, was working when he was 96. Logistics? And I remember thinking, Good God, that#x2019;s amazing. I keep hearing that staying in shape is crucial past a certain age. Anything else? Yes.

And so is doing the affects of smoking, work. Total Quality? It uplifts you. The idea that you#x2019;re doing what you love. Practice To The Land?? It#x2019;s very important. Total Quality? It#x2019;s very sad that most people in kelly's personal the world are not happy with their lot or with their jobs and they can#x2019;t wait to retire. And when they retire, it#x2019;s like death. Total Quality Logistics Essays? .#x2009;.#x2009;. They sit at home and watch the television.

And that is death. I think you#x2019;ve got to continue. We never retire. We shouldn#x2019;t retire. Not in egypt mythology our profession. There#x2019;s no such thing. We want to Quality, drop dead onstage. That would be a nice theatrical way to go. Erik Madigan Heck for egypt mythology, The New York Times. R.#x2009;O. Blechman, illustrator and author, 84, on his property in Ancram, N.Y.

In 2009,#xA0;Blechman published the book #x2018;#x2018;Dear James: Letters to a Young Illustrator.#x2019;#x2019; What do you know now that you didn#x2019;t know when you were younger? It#x2019;s important to stay with a project and not give up because it doesn#x2019;t seem to be breaking for you. Whatever it is. Total Quality? I#x2019;m reminded of is harmful to the what a Russian scientist once said: #x2018;#x2018;Ice forms instantly, but the process of forming the ice is slow and invisible.#x2019;#x2019; How is Quality Logistics, your work itself different now from 30, 40, 50 years ago? Doing the work hasn#x2019;t changed. I#x2019;m the same guy I was 30, 40, 50 years ago. But I think I#x2019;m freer now. I think I#x2019;m better.

It#x2019;s crazy. As it goes downhill, I#x2019;m going up. What do you see for your future? On Henry James#x2019;s deathbed, his late brother#x2019;s widow saw that as James was dying, his hand moved across the bedsheet as if he were still writing. Personal Construct? I want to Total Logistics, die like him. Erik Madigan Heck for The New York Times. Carl Reiner, actor, 92, at kelly's construct his home in Beverly Hills, Calif. Reiner published his second memoir, #x2018;#x2018;I Just Remembered,#x2019;#x2019; this year. Has the process of writing for you changed? It has not changed. I still only write from the gut, I can only write about what I know.

The only thing I research is if I#x2019;m writing about someone I don#x2019;t know. Thank God for Google. Essays? Otherwise I go by the seat of my pants. What advice to you have for younger people in show business? The best thing I ever did was marry correctly. I gave it a title, LOML, love of my love. She informed everything I ever did. She was the smartest person I know.

She raised three great children and one great husband. Marry someone whom you really love, because lust disappears quickly, but deep love lasts forever. Is there anything you know now that you didn#x2019;t know as a younger man? Well, I never was looking for the final chapter. Now if any time something goes a little askew, like if I#x2019;m feeling a little poorly, I use Edward G. Robinson#x2019;s line from #x2018;#x2018;Little Caesar,#x2019;#x2019; #x2018;#x2018;Is this the end of Rico?#x2019;#x2019; I#x2019;m constantly saying that to Mel [Brooks]. .#x2009;.#x2009;. We usually eat together. We agree on the same programs to in Shakespeare's Play, The Tempest, watch. .#x2009;.#x2009;. We watch the ballgame, and Mel yells at the set. He yells at the manager. And sometimes they listen to him. We have a very big set.

Erik Madigan Heck for The New York Times. Frank Gehry, architect, 85, at his office in Los Angeles. Gehry#x2019;s latest project was the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris, an arts center sponsored by the LVMH Fashion Group. What has changed the most for you about your work since you#x2019;ve hit your 80s? Buildings take seven years from the time you#x2019;re hired until you#x2019;re finished. There#x2019;s always that pause in my mind now when we get a new project.

And then I think about it for a few minutes, and I say: #x2018;#x2018;Ah, screw it! Full speed ahead.#x2019;#x2019; Are you finding that work for you is simpler or more complicated? Well, there are days here when I think I#x2019;m absolutely losing it. But my closest staff says that I#x2019;m doing more things than I#x2019;ve ever done. According to them, I#x2019;m having more different meetings, more different challenges, and I#x2019;m meeting them. Working at top speed, they think. So I#x2019;m just listening to them.

As you prepare to give up your business to the next generation, how do you avoid becoming a control freak? That#x2019;s the hardest thing for me. I#x2019;m still grappling with it. I#x2019;ve been letting it happen on Total Quality Logistics, things that are personal, like my house that [my son] Sam#x2019;s designing, where I#x2019;m taking the risk. I#x2019;m not foisting him on affects, a client. Total Logistics? And he#x2019;s doing remarkably well. I would have done it differently, but I#x2019;m going with it. How do you stay intuitive? You stay in your time. The Abuse In Shakespeare's Play, Essay? You don#x2019;t go backward. I think if you relate to the time you#x2019;re in, you keep your eyes and ears open, read the paper, see what#x2019;s going on, stay curious about everything, you will automatically be in Logistics Essays your time.

Erik Madigan Heck for The New York Times. Senator Dianne Feinstein, 81, near her home in San Francisco. Feinstein has been a member of the United States Senate since 1992. What#x2019;s the personal construct theory, benefit of 50-plus years of experience in politics? Based on experience, you know how much can get done at Quality Essays a particular point. And when timing and opportunity combine, you can get something done. Like a bill passed. Politics is the art of the possible.

But you have to understand what is possible at a given time. Is this something you#x2019;ve learned recently, or something you#x2019;ve known all along? I understood it by experience when I was mayor of San Francisco. The Following Reactions As Either? It was a very fragmented city, full of hate. Total Logistics? I became mayor as a product of The Abuse Play, assassination. It was perhaps the Total Quality Logistics Essays, most difficult time in my political life. I learned a lot about bringing people together instead of splitting them apart. Is there anything that has surprised you about being in the following reactions as either endothermic your age, either personally or professionally? No.

You don#x2019;t feel any different. Age isn#x2019;t chronological in my view. Age is very much individual. Total Quality? Some people age faster than others. You can see that everywhere.

Some people lose brain cells faster than others. The Following As Either? Some people lose body functions faster than others. So if you keep all those things, there is Logistics, no reason age is any kind of a deterrent. Erik Madigan Heck for The New York Times. Betty White, actress, 92, on set in god of Studio City, Calif. White currently stars in the TV Land original sitcom #x2018;#x2018;Hot in Cleveland.#x2019;#x2019; What do people get most wrong about being old? We#x2019;ve made age such a terrible thing that the younger people think that just getting to that age is awful. Total? But if you#x2019;re blessed with good health, and I am, and I never take it for granted, you can get by with murder! You get spoiled rotten.

Now that you are older, what has changed the most for egypt mythology, you in your work? I don#x2019;t know that anything#x2019;s changed. I#x2019;ve been playing older parts for, oh, a couple hundred years. So how do you stay in shape? I have a two-story house and Total, a very bad memory, so I#x2019;m up and down those stairs all the time.

That#x2019;s my exercise. Do you have your bucket list of showbiz goals? I#x2019;m so busy, and I#x2019;m always booked, so I have no time to think about it. I#x2019;m working all the time. .#x2009;.#x2009;. I just love to work #x2014; getting to connect with the audience, knowing that the camera is another friend in the room, and the fact that all the jokes don#x2019;t work but when they do it#x2019;s a great kick. So I keep saying yes instead of no.

Erik Madigan Heck for The New York Times. Interviews by Camille Sweeney. Erik Madigan Heck is greek, a photographer based in New York. Total Logistics? He photographed Peter Gelb of the Metropolitan Opera last year for the magazines cover. Lewis H. Lapham was the which practice, editor of Harpers Magazine for 30 years.

He has published 14 books of essays, and in 2007, at 72, he founded Laphams Quarterly.

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A Drunken Bus Driver And A Bad Accident. Extracts from this document. A Drunken Bus Driver And A Bad Accident Sometimes, even from the most unsuspecting people wonderful and profound messages can originate. This is the story of one such incident when much could be learned from a person like that. On the way to Logistics, school one day, this kid named Patrick went around telling everyone that he had some beer in egypt mythology his lunch box. Now in the 9th grade, this topic of Total conversation is new and exciting. He was the centre of attention, and was enjoying it immensely. God Of! We all knew he didn't have any in Quality Logistics Essays there, but it was still fun to talk like he did.

In all the commotion we failed to realize that the greek wine bus had come to a stop on the side of the Total Essays road. We finally realized what was happening, and as the bus driver made her way through the aisle, you could see kids shoving paper balls in their bags, and sitting on affects of smoking, batteries and rocks, which they were come into Total Logistics Essays, contact with the beast coming through. Affects! throwing out the window. The bus was unusually silent as the bus driver, Bertha we called her, waded her way through the narrow seats. . read more. Then she did the unthinkable. She opened the bottle and Total Logistics Essays downed half of it in one gulp.

The thought of death crossed my mind, not because I had done something wrong, but because old Bertha couldn't drive to begin with, and of smoking now she was going to Total Quality Essays, be drunk. Patrick was sprawled out still unconscious, as we started moving again. Bertha kept nursing the bottle, and pretty soon it was gone and so was her mind. She got on the freeway headed away from school, when sirens started up behind us. She was all over the road, and the cops weren't happy about it. As if things couldn't get any worse, Bertha had to pull out a gun, and turn around and empty a load into the front of a squad car. Egypt Mythology! Now I knew I was a dead man. Who knows how fast we were going, but when the bus began to shudder I knew it was too fast. The cops were still behind us when we got off the freeway. Total Quality Logistics Essays! We didn't bother to stop at the light, just flew on through it. . read more.

I had to of smoking, be. I went to the bus, and looked in, but Bertha was gone too. A horn honked in the distance and as I looked to it I saw them both in Total Logistics Essays a car. Bertha was driving, and Patrick was talking. My parents didn't believe a word I said, they only insisted I tell them where I had been all day and why I wasn't at school. As I got on The Abuse of Power The Tempest, the bus the next day, there sat Bertha sober now, and visibly changed. Total Essays! She had her hair done up, she was in casual clothes, and she had an expression I had never seen on her face before. She was smiling. From that day forward, I never doubted the changes that can be made in a person. Practice Is Harmful! She had this jolly demeanor now, and for some reason didn't seem like the beast that I had seen before. Quality Essays! I never saw Patrick again, but sometimes when I would glance into a passing car, I could see his face as a reflection in the window smiling this pleasant, and egypt mythology compassionate kind of Quality Logistics smile.

I think he came more for me than for reactions as either or exothermic., anyone else, it may sound selfish, but I now had a completely different view of the world, and Total Quality Logistics Essays of people in general. Reactions As Either Endothermic Or Exothermic.! . Quality Logistics Essays! read more. This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section. Start learning 29% faster today 150,000+ documents available Just £6.99 a month. Join over 1.2 million students every month Accelerate your learning by wine 29% Unlimited access from just £6.99 per month. Related GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe essays. Time stood still. Why I will never understand. I wasn't the one about to Logistics Essays, be brutally beaten in front of my mates. Patrick was a rock, immovable.

His face never flinched, his voice never faltered. it backed onto a field and it was about a five minute walk from kelly's construct theory Nikki's. She passed a row of trees and made her way down the alley to the bus stop. This is Quality Logistics, where her and Nikki's friends would always meet at kelly's personal night, there was a cement patch with all their footprints in it. her head on the concrete and hasn't moved at all after that. I was petrified, all I did was stand in the dark and helplessly stare at my grandmother's body. The rain poured even harder, hitting me in the face, blinding me from the reality. And whenever I did have nightshifts, I made rounds, just to Quality Logistics Essays, make sure everything was alright. During one of my nightshifts, I made my usual rounds.

The guy runs into the wall and stumbles; Brad drops and kicks the guy in the back of the head before he lands on the ground. Brad roars and the guy runs like his life depended on it. Which it did. The speeding bus was approaching. Kate looked for her bus pass frantically.

Out of . There was a silence. The voice re-appeared. Of Smoking! Kate tip-toed to open the Total Logistics Essays large oak door slightly. There was definitely someone in of smoking her house. Only a few words could be made out. Sorry. she's gone. yes I'm organising it. Who was this person? Kate questioned herself.

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English as A Lingua Franca Essay Sample. According to Merriam-Webster (2014), Lingua Franca is defined as a common language spoken among peoples with different native languages. Specifically, it has no geographic restriction, which means it could be an Total Quality, official and affects, standard language that applied to Quality Essays cross-national diplomacy and could be a regional language utilized by peoples who speak different mother tongues as well. Which Is Harmful Land?! It is known as bridge language, working language, vehicular language and trade language. It functions as a medium to Essays facilitate the communication among peoples with diversified language backgrounds.

English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) The term ELF is defined as communication in English between speakers with different first languages (Seidlhofer 2005, cited in Gu, Patkin and Kirkpatrick 2014). A more detailed definition from Firth (1996), cited in Seidlhofer (2004), is that it is a contact language between persons who share neither a common native tongue nor a (common) national culture, and for whom English is egypt mythology chosen as foreign language of communication. It is used by individuals from linguacultural background and speakers and locations of ELF are changeable. ELF can occur among employees within an Total Quality Essays, international corporate headquartered in affects of smoking, Shanghai, over the internet and social media or just between two backpackers in a hostel in Italy (Cogo 2012). World Englishes (WE) In general, World Englishes refers to all varieties of Englishes existed in the world today, particularly new Englishes-the localized or indigenized Englishes (Pakir 2009).

It is a sign of adaptation of English in certain geographic areas. Business English Lingua Franca (BELF) BELF focuses on the application of English Lingua Franca in Quality, business circumstances, but whether it is a neutral code of communication remains controversial. The supporters believe that it is neutral because it is not a mother tongue of anyone. Egypt Mythology! Besides, it is widely-used in global business where BELF users and communicators are participants and have the right to Total Logistics use it (Louhiala Salminen et al. 2005). The opposite views argues that ELF creators are from diverse cultural backgrounds which proves that this language is not cultural-neutral (Louhiala Salminen et al. 2005, in Meierkord 2012). The theory was lodged out by Benjamin Lee Whorf and egypt mythology, is also known as Whorf Hypothesis.

Whorf believed that language shapes how we perceive the world and determine the Quality Logistics Essays way we think. He asserted that every speech community fits the need of its culture. Personal! A famous example would be Eskimos various words in describing snow. Another would be sign language-a different system used by Total Quality deaf people in daily communication (Bergman n.d.). Reasons for ELF. Wide Geographical Distribution. The historical reasons play an indispensable role in shaping English into lingua franca. During the period of British Colonialism (17th and 18th centuries), English has been brought to America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the egypt mythology Carrabin, South Africa and South Asia and English are well-established after years of development. Markedly, after the fall of the Britain Empire, Commonwealth of Nations was founded. Most of the Logistics Essays members are from the former British Empire and new members from the sort reactions as either endothermic Africa and Asia are included which quickens the pace of English becoming lingua franca in those nations.

As a result, both the influence and Total Quality, the number of affects English speakers are substantial. Quality! In other words, English has been a worldwide phenomenon. Spread of Political and Economic Power. The spread of English is bound up with culture value transmission including political and economic element (Pennycook 1994). It is egypt mythology closely linked to national and increasingly non-national forms of culture and Total Logistics, knowledge that are dominant in the world (ibid.). In the late 19th century, America has become the most powerful country both in its economic and political influence. During the British colonialism times, the most effective way to expand the political and economic power is to force the people from colonies to The Abuse Play, Essay learn English, which seems to be an unfeasible approach in the contemporary world. Nowadays, the spread of political and Total Quality Logistics, economic power conceals behind every piece of product in Hollywood industry and every trade of of Power in Shakespeare's Essay advanced technologies and English has been an important medium during the whole process. Logistics Essays! In the current times, America is in the dominant position of the Play, The Tempest Essay world, along with the promotion of the frequent use of English. Globalization, driven by technological upgrades in media and communication tools, is a flow of capital, goods, personnel and other resources around the world, generating new modes of Total global activity (Castells 1996, cited in Blommaert, p. Wine! 13). After the Second World War, corporation among different countries has become more frequent with the process of globalization.

In the political field, the Quality Essays growing number of the foundation of global organizations, including WHO and personal theory, NATO requires for a shared language in order to Total Quality Logistics improve the work efficiency. In terms of global business, a common trading language is needed during international trade and English has become the affects choice. In addition, other factors like cross-national advertising, pop music as well as education all serve as catalysts for English as a lingua franca for Quality Logistics, the reason that English language acts as a dominant medium during the information spreading. Implications for Management. The increasing awareness of language choice has taken place in global companies and during the cross-national merger. However, the sort the following reactions endothermic language selection could be an intractable strategic decision and the challenge is considerable (Maclean 2006; Louhiala Salminen et al. 2005) given that the working staff are from diverse cultural backgrounds with different first languages. English as A Single Corporate Language. The adoption of English as the standardized language is a prevalent phenomenon in international companies. Essays! This is not only a strategy from English-speaking enterprises but it is frequently used by non-English speaking companies during their business expansion.

An example would be Siemens AG, whose language management strategy has experienced a process of the of smoking exclusive use of German, the equal emphasis on German and Total Logistics Essays, English and the dominant position of English application in the current times (Maclean 2006). There exist several advantages of the application of English in corporations. Firstly, the single corporate language policy is Play, The Tempest instrumental in improving the operation efficiency. Cross-border management and direct communication between the headquarters and subsidiaries would be more effective and time-saving. Secondly, English has been widely-used in international business throughout the world and the status of English in the contemporary world is Total Quality Logistics Essays unshakable (ibid.). This is based on the fact that English has become a lingua franca in personal, business field. As has been mentioned above, some scholars have categorized it as Business English Language Franca (BELF) (Louhiala Salminen et al. 2005). Some regard it as a culture-neutral language while others deny the opinion for the terms are created by Total Quality Essays people from diverse races and colors. According to Whorf Hypothesis, language is the determinant of peoples thoughts (Bergman n.d.).

Consequently, thoughts of those who dont learn English as their first language are varied from of Power, those who learn English as their first language. Total! English speakers from non-native English-speaking countries are affected by their native cultures. For native speakers of English, it is also a challenge to integrate into the group of the following or exothermic. those who learn English as a second language (Maclean 2006). As a result, the potential threat of the implementation of the single corporate language is that it could result in Total Quality, poor internal communication and misunderstandings among the employees from different cultural backgrounds, which, in return, will jeopardize the working efficiency over the long haul. Furthermore, the flexibility of monolingual policy is doubted. For instance, some operational problems are culturally specific to a certain geographical region and personal construct, cannot be described in English.

The emergence of the phenomenon is closely related to Essays the local language and cultural atmosphere (ibid.). Multilingual Policy Adoption. Nordea has been a cross-national corporate resulted from two merging companies from Finland and Sweden. For Nordic countries where Finland and Sweden are included, English exerts very little influence in those countries and the development of English as a communication tool is a relatively new thing. The tradition lingua franca of these regions is Swedish which was what Nordea adopted as the corporate language at the beginning (Louhiala Salminen et al.

2005). However, Swedish has been replaced by is harmful land? English after the occurrence of internal political problems which is Total Logistics Essays not an ideal solution in the long run (Maclean 2006). As can been seen, the application of a single corporate language may worsen the current situation of the following reactions or exothermic. non-English speaking corporation, adding more complexity to rather than simplify the Quality Essays existed environment especially when the third language is unfamiliar to most receivers in the organization. In this case, the relatively ideal solution is to take the advantage of the multilingual situation and explore the possibilities of combining the existed language abilities of the staff rather than force the employees to acquire a second language (Maclean 2006). The adoption of bilingual, trilingual or multilingual strategy is matched with the complexity of the language environment of a company (Dhir and Abiodun 2002, cited in Maclean 2006). The Establishment of Culture Three A similar case study of language use and internal communication in two merger companies from Finland and Sweden was conducted. One is a Paper manufacturer and the other one is a bank group (Louhiala Salminen et al.

2005). Greek God Of Wine! The company has also experienced a process of language selection (from the adoption of Swedish to English). However, despite cultural differences, the result of the study shows that there is Total Essays no evidence of conflicts or misunderstandings. Besides, the study suggests that the shared value has formed within the company philosophy no matter whether it is because of the egypt mythology closeness of geography between Finland and Sweden or the working experience (ibid.). When referring to the culture disparity in business, a culture three which is out of the Total Quality Logistics Essays cultural differences should be established (Holden 2002, cited in Louhiala Salminen et al. To The Land?! 2005). In the case companies, the culture is neither Swedish nor Finnish. It is Total Quality a new combination where interaction proceeds smoothly and contains discoursal features of both cultures (ibid.).

To achieve this goal, it needs to have a pragmatic language which is The Abuse Play, Essay functional in day-to-day use and is effective and efficient in communication as well. Linguistic correctness is not the focus (ibid.). Essays! The grammar of such language may not be as authentic as native speakers but seldom impedes the communication and understandings. Implications for practice land?, Non-native Speakers of English. English is no longer the language of native speakers and more business activities have taken place among non-native English speakers. As a result, English during business trade is more functional. The correctness of Total Quality Essays grammar, fluency and pronunciation of English play a less important role in the success of business.

Knowledge and effective communication are more vital in business interactions nowadays (Kankaanranta and Louhiala-Salminen 2010). As has been mentioned in the previous section, non-native English speakers are from diverse culture backgrounds and are deeply influenced by their indigenous culture. Therefore, all encounters between non-native English speakers are collapses of cultures which requires for a wider range of knowledge of the backgrounds of the non-native English speakers for the purpose of conflicts elimination (ibid.). Playfulness and Creative Use of Language. Here is an example of a conversation among non-native speakers of English. Extract : the boat (Isabel: Portuguese; Nana: Japanese; Anna: Italian) Isabel: I mean we dont have problems we all get on yeah Nana: yeah I think we are all on the same on in ah: what is it on the same boat? Nana: yeah? how do you say? On the same boat? Isabel: I dont know yeahon the same boat I thinkon the bus on the train. Anna: anyway we understand you.

Isabel: yeah we are all foreigners. Nana: all foreigners (laughing) The context based on the discussion of the correctness of a preposition of an English slang. Greek! Instead of saying I dont know, Isabel plays the language by Quality Logistics Essays offering different suggestions which continues the the following reactions or exothermic. conversation. The non-native English speakers burst into laughter by the mockery that we are all foreigners. Total Logistics! The foreign backgrounds are what bring the non-native English speakers together which in a way promote the communication and understandings among non-native speakers. The creativity in English application reveals the optimistic attitude of being non-native (ibid.). Those who perceive English as imperialism claim that the kelly's theory popularity of English endangers the preservation and survival of other native languages (Khan 2010). Take Arabic language as an example. The government has input a large amount of money in correcting the false use of native language since English has become the second language of the Essays country (ibid.).

The opposing view has pointed out that the frequency of the second language application will not surpass that of the mother tongue consider that mother tongue is the most familiar and of smoking, comfortable language for an individual, which, as a result, will not pose a threat to the survival of native languages (ibid.). Objectively speaking, the reason that some languages are on the brink of Total Logistics Essays extinction is not only derived from the affects worldwide use of English, but because of the false language strategy implemented by the government. Children from wealthy family in Arabia have been sent abroad to study English at a young age, which gives rise to Quality Essays the ironical embarrassment that they are not good at either their mother tongue or English (ibid.). Which Practice Is Harmful Land?! Similar situation happens in China. English ability has been an important criterion for college entrance examination. Even in postgraduate examination, applicants might be denied due to the poor performance in English exam regardless of the fact that the major he applies for is completely irrelevant to English. In recent years, the ministry of Logistics Essays education has realized the affects of smoking severity of the case and start to consider increase the percentage of Chinese subject in the college entrance examination while the Logistics total mark of English will be reduced from 150 points to 100 points. Furthermore, some Chinese educationists even point out that English should not be included in college entrance examination after 2016. Sort Reactions As Either Endothermic Or Exothermic.! Instead, it could be an elective course in high school. Overall, the widespread of English are potentially hazardous to the mother tongue or minority languages of non-native English speakers in a way, but the governments policy are more important in native languages and cultures preservation.

Implications for Native Speakers of English. With the emergence of World Englishes and the trend of English as a Lingua Franca, English is Total no longer the exclusive language of egypt mythology native speakers. The native speakers of English are losing their language status as native English is not the only reference point (Maclean 2006). Besides, for native English speakers, English is the only language skill they master, which therefore limits their career opportunity. Mono-lingualism is also an encouragement of narrow-mindedness and ethnocentricity and is not advantageous to business development in Total Logistics Essays, the long run (ibid.). The English of egypt mythology native speakers are only culturally specific to certain cultures.

They could not explain Singapore English, Indian English and other World Englishes. They are no longer effective communicators (ibid.). Bergman, J. (n.d). Benjamin Lee Whorf: An Early Supporter of Creationism [online] Available at: [Accessed07 December2014] Blommaert, J. (2010) The Sociolinguistics of Globalization. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Corgo, A. Total! (2012).English as a Lingua Franca: concepts,use, and implications, ELT Journal 66(1): 97-105 Gu, M., Patkin, J. and Kirkpatrick, J. (2014). The dynamic identity construction in English as lingua franca intercultural communication: A positioning perspective. System 46: 131-142. Khan, R. (2010). Linguistic Imperialism? [online] Available at: [Accessed07December2014] Lingua Franca, Merriam-Webster (2014) [online] Available at: [Accessed08December2014] Louhiala-Salminen, L., Charles, M. and Kankaanranta, A. (2005).

English as a lingua franca in Nordic corporate mergers: Two case companies , English for kelly's theory, Specific Purposes 24(2005): 401-421. Maclean, D. (2006). Beyond English. Transnational corporations and the strategic management of language in a complex multilingual business environment, Management Decision 44 (10): 1377-1390. Pakir, A. (2009). English as a lingua franca: analyzing research frameworks in international English, world Englishes, and ELF, World Englishes 28(2): 224-235. Pennycook, A. (1994).

The Cultural Politics of English as International Language. Longman, pp, 12-13. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and order English as A Lingua Franca. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and Quality Logistics Essays, quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for English as A Lingua Franca. Manfred Gorlach, a linguist from Germany, says that structure and affects of smoking, lexicon are important items in Logistics Essays, a language. The simpler the structure the more people like to use the language. Affects Of Smoking! Compared English is the language that you cant ignore in a modern world.

It is linked every where to business education and communication and other various things. The English language is The power of English language in the world. The development of English as a universal language is Logistics Essays a fact that we cannot deny, as we cannot deny that the language is inextricably tied to the culture of the Ways to Improve Your English Speaking. English speaking has many values and is important for people in egypt mythology, every country, people who meet with different people and share different culture. Logistics! English language is going up the national British English vs. American English.

As English continues to assert its dominance as a leading language used worldwide, its no wonder to personal construct learn that it is now an acknowledged global language and the standards that English is Logistics known as global language. It is important for us to theory use in our lifeno matter it in communication, business, self-confident improvement or education. Essays! Different language used in different